Lashes ES - Training Institute

New Zealand's First and Only NALA (National Association of Lash Artist) Accredited Lash Courses

Be your Own Boss and Start your Lash Empire today, Learn In Person or Online at your Own Pace!

We currently offer New Zealand’s first and Only NALA (National Association of Lash Artist) Accredited Lash Courses, earning the NALA seal of Approval.

We offer Lash Training Courses Online and In Person NZ wide. Our Lash Courses cover Classic Lash Training, Volume Lash Training and a Combination Course which includes both Classic and Volume Techniques.

The NALA Seal of Approval is the highest accolade you can receive in terms of Lash Industry Standards.

This means that our courses have been assessed with a fine tooth comb to ensure that they are accurate and incorporate the latest developments and trends. Ultimately providing you with nothing but the BEST in terms of kick starting your Lash Career. Our courses have 3 times more content than the average training manual and meet all benchmarks set by NALA.

Your trainer will be available to you , to support you post the course to help you acheive your goals along your Lash Journey.

Varny (CEO of Lashes ES – Training Institute) is passionate about ensuring you not only have the tools and Education to become a successful Lash Artist, but that you are also able to Build a Brand that you are proud of. 

Empowering you to be a successful and versatile Lash Artist and Business owner.

Classes are available New Zealand Wide with a maximum of 5 students per class with the option of 1:1 training if preferred (In – Person Courses). Our courses are designed to be customised to you, therefore ensuring you get the quality coaching time that you need.

All In – Person courses include kits valued at over $550, including your course manual. Each kit is stocked with our Lashes – ES Premium Collection Lash Products and accessories, ensuring you have the quality tools you need to succeed.

You will receive x2 Certificates upon successful completion of the Course and Case Studies.

Upon completion of your course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition to this once you have achieved our Lashes – ES standards (achieved through successful completion of case study assessments).  You will then receive a Certified Lash Artist Certificate. This Certificate includes the NALA Seal of Approval (In – Person Courses only).

You will receive on-going and unconditional lifetime access to our online support groups.

You will also receive an additional 1 hour of 1:1 coaching, which can be used at your discretion.  This time can be used for technical or business coaching, further ensuring your Lash Journey is built on strong foundations.

We are proud of what our courses offer to new and existing Lash Artists and we look forward to seeing you at our next course.

We wish you all the best on your Lash Journey and cant wait to have you as part of our Lashes Family,

Varny, Jannah & Kenzie xx 

I love how you get the 1:1 training after you have completed your initial course. It was really helpful.

Overall i am just so happy about the training i have done with Varny.

I wouldn’t be where I am without her !

Olivia Muir

Owner - Lash Artist, BeeautybyLiv

COMBO Classic & Volume Lash Course

$2,499 NZD (In – Person)

(Includes Professional Kit – 2 Days, NALA Seal)


NEW- Online Lash Course Available ! 


(Self Paced, Kit not Included, Lashes ES  Certified)

This Combination course is designed to teach you both the foundations of Classic Lashing and also the technique of Volume Eyelash Extensions. This is one of the first of its kind in NZ, allowing you to walk away from the course feeling empowered to start your own Lash business . You will also be able to offer two techniques of lashing (Classic & Volume), allowing for larger profit margins and overall an increase in demand for you and your business. No previous Lash Experience  required.

Classic Lash Course 

$1,499 NZD (In – Person)

(Includes Professional Kit – 2 Days , NALA Seal ) 


NEW – Online Lash Course Available $799 NZD! 

(Self Paced, Kit not Included , Lashes ES Certified) 

This classic course is designed to teach you the foundations of Lashing and how to set up a successful Lash Business. No previous Lash Experience is required. You will learn how to apply Classic Lash Extensions . Applying one extension per one natural eyelash.  

This course covers the following modules :

Lash Health & Function 

History of Eyelash Extensions 

Health & Safety

Lash Artist Self Care 

Allergies & Sensitivities 



Client Care 

Lash Hygiene

Product Knowledge

Adhesive Troubleshooting 

Lash Design/Mapping 

How to Apply Classic Extensions 

Isolation TroubleShooting

Lash Infills 

Lash Removals

Lash Room Set up 

Business Growth Tips

How to Get Clients – Marketing

How to Price your Services

Legal & Insurance

Certification & Case Studies

Volume Lash Course

$1,499 NZD (In – Person)

(Includes Professional Kit – 2 Days , NALA Seal) 


NEW – Online Lash Course Available $799 NZD! 

(Self Paced, Kit not Included , Lashes ES Certified) 

This Volume course is designed for a trained Classic Lash or Volume Lash Artist. This course will teach you how to do x3 Volume Techniques, Colour Lashing and bottom Lash Application.  You will also learn how to do hybrid sets and how to ensure fullness and speed in your application. There is a heavy focus on Business Development within this course, to ensure your Lash Business is making a profit and that you have a Brand you are proud of.

This Course Covers the following modules: 

Health & Safety

Allergies & Sensitivities  



Client Care 

Lash Hygiene 

Product Knowledge  

Weight Calculations   

x3 Volume Fan Techniques   

Narrow & Wide Fans  

Premades/ Promades/ Crystalizing  

Volume Fan Troubleshooting 



Adhesive Troubleshooting  

Lash Design/Mapping  

Colour Lashing  

Lower Lash Application 

Tips for speed & Fullness

Business Growth Tips 

How to Get Clients – Marketing 

How to Price your Services

Legal & Insurance

Certification & Case Studies 

2021 Upcoming Combo Course Dates:

New Plymouth Combo Course :

  • 7th & 8th  July 2021
  • 30th & 31st August 2021
  • 27th & 28th September. 2021
  • 29th & 30th November 2021 

Palmerston North Combo Course :

  • 14th &15th July 2021 

Tauranga Combo Course :

  • 29th & 30th July 2021

Auckland Combo Course :

  • 2nd & 3rd August 2021

Napier Combo Course :

  • 14th & 15th September 2021

Invercargill Combo Course :

  • 21st  & 22nd September 2021

Whangarei Combo Course :

  • 9th & 10th November 2021

Feel free to email your interest for your city/town. We travel NZ wide and will endeavour to cater to your training requirements.


I learned not only how to apply eyelash extensions, but how to run my own business and deal with customers. 

Varny’s training gave me the freedom to never have to worry about not being able to find a job. It opened up such a big world of opportunity for me. 

Martina Bevan

Owner - Lash Artist, MartsLashes

Im really happy and proud of where i am today. Varny has been there for every step of my Journey. 

No question is too big of too small, and i think anyone that has done training with Varny can say that. 

Daisey Woods

Owner - Lash Artist, WinkieDinkie Lashes