It's Time to take your Lash Business to the NEXT Level.

Exhausted from being on the tweezers all day, every day?

Looking to hire, but not sure where to start?

Do you have team members that are not producing a profit?

Are you looking to establish yourself as a Reputable Lash Academy in the NZ Lash Industry?

Are you afraid of being left behind , in an ever changing – always evolving Lash Industry?

If you answered “YES” to any of these…..then we have the course for you!


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Exclusive, Licensing Rights....

This MasterClass is like no other in NZ !

As part of your MasterClass enrolment you will receive Licensing Rights to use our Full Educators Training Suite.  This is the same Educators Suite that enabled us to be NZ’s First NALA Accredited Lash Academy. This Suite has also helped us Land Government Contracts generating an additional source of income of over $100k.  

This MasterClass includes all the “secret ingredients” we used to take our Lash Business from a humble $250 initial investment to over $300k + per annum just in Lash Academy Revenue alone.

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6 Weekly Coaching Sessions + 6 Weeks of Comprehensive Video Content.

Over 50 Key Topics Covered.

6 Week Staff Onboarding Program.


You will receive a custom MasterClass Goodie Bag, filled with items hand-picked by us to help support you on your Journey to Leveling- Up, Your Lash Business!

This Goodie Bag is insane!

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6 Weeks of Comprehensive Training.

Work through over 50 Weekly key topics that will set you and your business up for success.

You will be able to log in and learn at your own pace, complete video modules and activities at times that work for you . These will then be reviewed weekly on your Zoom Coaching Calls (Pre-determined Zoom Time options will be available for you to choose from) to ensure you have a thorough understanding of each topic and concept. 

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Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions.

Attend Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions (Pre-determined Zoom Time options will be available for you to choose from) where we will review the weeks course content. Answer any questions you may have and work through anything you may need support with in your business.

These calls are custom to you and your’e learning to get the most out of every moment!

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In today's Economy its important that you don't get left behind.

Ensure you are an Industry leader up-skilling in over 50 key topics to help you build the foundations for a sustainable long-term business.

You will learn about AI TechnologyPricing Strategies, Understanding Data, Service Menu considerations, 80% rule plus so much more. 

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6 Week Staff Onboarding Program.

You will receive our 6 Week Staff Onboarding Program which has helped us to build out teams of up to 8 Salon Staff. 

An amazing tool to ensure you are onboarding and setting expectations correctly and legally whilst protecting you and your business. 

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Learn how we became NZ's First NALA Accredited Academy.

Becoming a NALA Accredited Lash Academy has set us apart from other training academies across the country as the requirements and benchmark to achieve this is of the highest standard.

We will teach you how we did this, PLUS you will receive access to our Educators Suite that you will then be able to use to do the same.

This is a “big deal” as comparative Educators’ Suites Internationally can cost upwards of $5000.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset.

We want you to Succeed!

You will learn how to Analyse Business opportunities.

Understand the true Cost of being a business owner.

Learn about your Money and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Learn how to identify and Create Opportunities like a true Entrepreneur.


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ONLY 1 MasterClass intake Annually!

Don’t miss your opportunity to take your Business to that Next Level.

Get off the tools, or look to build a team and Business that works for you.

You will only have this chance once a year to complete the Level-Up Masterclass.

Don’t Miss Out – Places are limited. 


Enrolments For the Next MasterClass are now Open. 

We Can’t wait to see you there xx


Secure your place today...

Don’t miss this year’s NZ MasterClass intake.


2024 Enrolments For the Next MasterClass are now Open. 

MasterClass Launch Special .

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Lash Academy - Testimonials

I love how you get the 1:1 training after you have completed your initial course. It was really helpful.

Overall i am just so happy about the training i have done with Varny.

I wouldn’t be where I am without her !

Olivia Muir

Owner - Lash Artist, BeeautybyLiv

I learned not only how to apply eyelash extensions, but how to run my own business and deal with customers. 

Varny’s training gave me the freedom to never have to worry about not being able to find a job. It opened up such a big world of opportunity for me. 

Martina Bevan

Owner - Lash Artist, MartsLashes

Im really happy and proud of where i am today. Varny has been there for every step of my Journey.

No question is too big of too small, and i think anyone that has done training with Varny can say that.

Daisey Woods

Owner - Lash Artist, WinkieDinkie Lashes