Refund Policy

We have a no refund and return policy. Unless otherwise provided by law, you acknowledge that we do not offer refunds or returns unless faulty.

In the event that:

  1. You change your mind

We are not required to provide a refund or replacement.

Please contact our customer services team for further information and assistance at Team@LashesES.com

  1. The item doesn’t match the description

We work hard to present the products on our websites as accurately as possible. As much as we try to avoid it, on some occasions the information on our websites may contain inaccuracies. If the item is so different from the description that you would not have bought it, you are entitled to a refund.

Please contact our customer service team to arrange a refund including the cost of postage for returning the item.

  1. The item has a minor fault

If the item has a minor fault, please contact our customer service team who will request evidence of the minor fault and upon receipt of that will offer you a partial refund without the need to return the item or the option to return the item for a replacement or refund including the cost of postage for returning the item.

  1. The item has a major fault

If the item has a major fault in accordance with the New Zealand Consumer Law, you are entitled to choose between a refund, repair or replacement of the item (subject to availability), along with compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

Please contact our customer service team to arrange a repair, replacement or refund including the cost of postage for returning the item.

Please note:

We do not refund in the event of loss or damage due to postage or delivery reasons as these are out of our control.

If you would like us to replace or provide a refund for an item and we find that:

  • the item has been lost, destroyed or disposed of by you; or
  • the item has been damaged after being delivered to you for reasons not related to its state or condition at the time of supply to you; or
  • the period of time since supply and circumstances are such that we are permitted by the New Zealand Consumer Law to decline to provide a refund or replacement,

then we may, at our discretion, decide not to replace or refund you for the item and/or we may require you to pay all reasonable postage costs.  To the extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses that you incur as a result.


Volume Tweezers are hand-tested and work 100% before they are shipped out.

If you are not satisfied with your Tweezers it is most likely not the Tweezer.

You will only receive a full refund if you are returning the Tweezers, undamaged and in its original packaging.

If the Tweezer works, as per our description, you will receive a refund on the item only.

Shipping will not be compensated.

In the unlikely event that the Tweezers do not work, you will receive compensation for everything.


We do not carry any responsibility for glues going off, due to hot weather or any other reason.

We recommend local pickup in summer months and NEVER to leave parcels unattended at the front door, or anywhere else outside.

5.Course Fees & Deposits

Please note that the minimum deposit for In-Person Lash Courses is $250. The $250 is non-refundable however may be used as a credit for another date/course/service dependent on availability.

A minimum of 48 hours, notice is required where the student/attendee is to notify Lashes ES that they are unable to attend the scheduled course to allow the $250 deposit to be transferable to another date/time/service. If less that 48 hours, notice is given to Lashes ES then then the option to transfer this deposit ceases. Please speak to our team at  Team@Lasheses.com for further support.

All online courses are non-refundable.

All courses are non- refundable upon attendance or acceptance of terms of use at the time of online purchase.