We stock a range of Eyelash Extensions and other related products. We are currently delivering all over New Zealand.

Why our product including Eyelash Extensions

Our Flat Lashes, Eyelash Extensions, Eye, Volume Lashes, Mega Volume and Butter Lashes  (Easy Fanning)  are made of the highest quality Korean PBT and PET , synthetic fibres.
Our lashes are perfect for Classic, Russian Volume, Hollywood Volume, Hybrid and Mega Volumes Lash Sets.
Our products and Eyelash Extensions are a dream to work with and have foil backed lash strips to allow for easy pick up and removal from the lash tray meaning less Lashes are wasted.
They are Kink free, ensuring that they are not damaged before application and can be easily separated which helps to save you time.
Our lashes (with the exception of Butter/Easy Fanning Lashes ) are non stick, meaning they will not stick together once they have been removed from the lash tray which again helps to save you  time and money .
No residue on our Lashes ES Lash range , ultimately leaving your fans looking and feeling light and beautiful.
Our Lash Curls are stable and standard ensuring consistency and  nicer long term wear for your Lash Clients.
Ideal eyelash extension products that can be used by both a beginner eyelash artist or a seasoned professional.

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